Sep 10, 2010

Blue Letter Bible "So when we find a man praying, we shout—he breathes; he is not dead, he is alive; for while a man prays he is not dead in trespasses and sins, but is brought to life, is quickened by the power of the Spirit." (Spurgeon, Sermon #16 on Acts 9:11)

Christian, do you feel dead today? Has the lying sting of sin's sword pierced you to the heart? Have the irons of condemnation entangled themselves around your ankles, threatening to pull you down into the Slough of Despond? Are you like Bunyan's man in the iron cage of Despair, crying, "Surely I have shut myself out of all the promises!"?

Pray, Christian—pray! Simply and earnestly. Cast yourself before the gracious throne of the King and there you will be as alive as you ever can be. The surest way to Hell is the pride of withholding yourself from God. The prideful man stops repenting out of shame and is therefore deprived of the free grace of God in Christ. He is cast out, not because God was unwilling (or worse, unable) to save, but because that man took it upon himself to compete with God's righteousness and lost.

Do not be that man, that woman. And when you see others trudging through the Slough of Despond, throw them the rope of prayer to the God who rescues. Take courage, the dead do not pray. Prayer is a sure evidence that you are yet alive!

Sep 9, 2010

Sep 6, 2010

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Does anyone know how the #canidates choose which towns parade they go to? #parade

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